We help hardware entrepreneurs build their products 5X faster.

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What we do


Hardware Investment

We back founders building amazing products using the latest technologies and help them go to market, quickly.

Our team of 30+ engineers in Shenzhen will support you hands-on to get your product from prototype to mass production and distribution.

Hardware Education

Building a successful hardware company requires more than a sleek Kickstarter campaign.

We’ll help you explore Shenzhen (the 'Silicon Valley of Hardware') and learn what it takes to build a hardware product from scratch.

Hardware Community

To move fast, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel, we should learn from those who have been there, done it, and are doing it.

With us, you get access to the most exclusive community of hardware experts, as well as private events in Shenzhen and around the world.




Shenzhen is referred to as the Silicon Valley of Hardware and the manufacturing hub of the world. Shenzhen is also the epicenter of the Greater Bay area, which is one of the most important areas for the entire Chinese economy. The absolute majority of electronic products shipped globally is made in Shenzhen and the Greater Bay area.

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Our wide network of partners will support you throughout the entire cycle of building your company, starting from finding your product market fit, to R&D, prototyping & manufacturing, as well as distribution, sales, fundraising, and hiring. We’re constantly adding new partners to make sure we can answer all of your questions or point in the right direction.



To move fast, you have to learn not only from those who have been there, done it, but most importantly, from those who are doing it. We’re building a curated hardware community to bring the entire ecosystem closer together and eventually make the pie bigger for everyone.

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How it works


1. Tell us what you do

Fill out the form so that we can get to know you and see if we can help you. In case our company is not the right fit for you we may introduce you to one of our many partners.

2. We join your team

Once we finalize the investment terms, we’ll assign one of our project managers to you and start working with your team as soon as possible. We’ll become your boots on the ground.

In case you prefer moving your team to China, we’ll cover your flights, help you with the visa process and everything else to get you started in Shenzhen. Even if you just plan to visit from time to time, you can always count on our office space and support.

3. Design, build, sell

We’ll do our absolute best to help you succeed, but even the time and knowledge of our engineers won’t be enough if you don’t put in the work. Get ready for the so-called China speed.


Who we are

5X Ventures is venture arm of a European hardware company that has designed, built, and shipped millions of innovative products worldwide.

We back selected entrepreneurs building game-changing hardware and commit to help them get their products to market at incredible speed, the China speed. We’re not a service provider. We invest all the available resources we have at hand, take equity to have skin in the game, and are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. We’ll become an active part of your team.

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